December 14 – December 20, Week in review

A lot of people ask what makes for a good personal website. The answer is not as easy as it seems and it depends on quite a lot of factors. We’ll write a series of longer posts just about that, but for now let me tell you one thing that usually catches our eyes when we look at personal websites.

The thing is, great personal websites have something… (drumroll please) personal about them. They are not cookie-cutter template based, and even if they do use a design template (which is totally fine and makes things much easier to setup), they offer some sort of originality – in content, images, organization or anything.

Moreover, the one thing that we see as a big differentiator between great personal sites and all the rest is how much personality they show. The more you expose yourself and not just your work, the better the site is.

Some of the list added to our platform this week exhibit just that quality – showing the personality of their heroes. Enjoy!

New sites on HUMANS

  • Alejandro GavanchoMultidisciplinary designer from Peru
  • Andrew Benson Vistual artist doing cool stuff with software
  • Laura GonzálezAn artist, speaker, developer, and a self-proclaimed overall disgrace…
  • David William BaumA fashion, still life, and landscape photographer and creative director working in the US.
  • Taro YoshimuraJapanese developer, gamer and animal lover. Not necessarily at that order.
  • Guillaume TomasiPhotographer and curator based in Montreal
  • Jakub SzerszeńPolish self taught front end developer
  • Albert OmossComputational designer and artist from San Diego, California
  • Filip NordinSwedish Interactive Art Director
  • Mel NguyễnFreelance graphic designer, working of Brooklyn
  • Parker HendersonProduct designer from California
  • Kristijan RistovskiProlific maker, JS instructor and an occasional participator in Katy Perry videos.
  • Sara VieiraFull stack developer
  • Kent C. DoddsSoftware developer turned full time web instructor and educator
  • Rahat Chowdhury Developer,streamer,rapper and pokemon master from New York City
  • Neal AgarwalA creative coder since he was 10 years old. Exploring the intersection of creativity and technology.
  • Dan SankeyUK based product designer
  • Amelia WattenbergerFront end developer, UXer and Data visualizer
  • Seun AkanniNigerian full stack developer

New featured sites

Here goes. This is the list of personal sites and portfolios we have chosen to highlight this week. As usual, we select one personal site per day to showcase, and put in front of everybody else. There is usually something that we find specifically appealing about that website – whether it’s the design, content or something else entirely. This is the group of personal site that we featured in the last seven days:

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