December 7 – December 13, Week in review

If you are following closely, you probably noticed that every week more and more personal sites are added to our platform. You may be asking yourself, how do these websites get here in the first place. How are they chosen?

Well, the answer is that it’s a mix of sites that are submitted to the platform (and there are currently a few thousands of sites waiting for approval, review and upload) and other sites that we bump into when we browse online.

We know that the wait time for acceptance can be long (sometimes over a few months), but don’t be discouraged. We get to each and every site eventually, and if it meets our quality standards (no spam, no affiliate links), it will get here eventually.

For the time being, let’s review some of the new submissions from the last week.

New sites on HUMANS

New featured sites

Yes, every day we select on personal site to highlight in our various channels and social media networks that we operate on. These are portfolios or personal sites that caught our eye for one reasons or another. They may have striking designs, interesting content, be super minimal or over the top. Want to be featured? Let us know!

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