October 26 – November 1, Week in review

This was one busy week.

If you haven’t already, you are welcome to read a little bit about the story that led to the launching of HUMANS.

New sites on HUMANS

This week we introduced 23 new personal website profiles:

New Featured Sites

Like every week, each day is celebrated by featuring one personal website that grabs our attention. We highlight the featured site on the HUMANS frontpage and share it on social media.

October 19 – October 25, Week in review

These posts will list the latest happenings on HUMANS including new features, design, changes, but also will sum up new content uploaded to HUMANS. So, let’s dive in:

New Features

  • HUMANS blog launched – this week we launched the HUMANS blog. If you are reading this, you are probably already aware of this new feature 🙂
  • User authentication – any user can now authenticate by entering an email address and receiving a one-time pincode. Authenticated users can save site designs in a special list and view this list over and over. Authenticated users are the only ones who can claim a site on HUMANS, which leads us to…
  • Site claiming – users can now claim a website by embedding a special code on their website. Once a site is claimed, users can modify listed content, view site statistics and download vanity badges to place on their own personal sites.

New sites on HUMANS

This week we introduced 19 new personal website profiles:

  • Kaloyan Petrov – Product designer working from Bulgaria
  • Neil Kim Gardose – Philippines based front end engineer
  • Vincent Trivett – Full stack web developer and technology educator from Brooklyn, NY
  • Paul Cmachowski – PHP developer from Poland
  • George Bougakov – Too cool for school software developer and maker from Moscow. Oh, and he’s 14.
  • Stanislav Katkov – Maker, developer and software tinkerer with an (un)styled personal site.
  • Bill Xiong – Travel loving software engineer from Canada.
  • Apoorva Agarwal – Indian product designer
  • Bryan Farevaag – Product designer using a Semplice based one pager
  • Matt Lee – Californian web designer with a dark black portfolio
  • Michael Pfister – Engineer, founder & creative from San Francisco
  • Vincent Orback – Frontend developer from Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Bora Öztunç – Visual designer & storyteller from Turkey
  • Catalina de León Belloc – Product designer, mother, chocolate & beer lover (and a cool personal site owner)
  • Jessica Harrington – Graphic designer from Portland, Oregon
  • Preet Shihn – Canadian engineer working from SF and the owner of our first listed built with Eleventy (11ty)
  • Charli Marie – New Zealand born marketer & designer. Has a very purple personal website
  • Tatiana Mac – Very inspiring personal site (and the second site we list with Eleventy 🙂 )
  • Henry Desroches – Creative developer from Denver, Colorado

New Featured Sites

Every day we feature one personal website that grabs our attention. We highlight the featured site on the HUMANS frontpage and share it on social media.

Plenty of stuff planned for next week so stay tuned for more features, more content and many more inspiring personal websites.

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