Welcome, HUMANS 2.0

Today we launched a major release of HUMANS.

While still on beta, the new release marks a whole new stage of the HUMANS platform. It contains a completely rewritten codebase, many new features and an overall improved usability and performance.

the new HUMANS platform

New codebase

The new HUMANS has been completely rewritten from the grounds up, switching from vanilla JS to ReactJS. The upgrade will allow the platform to be more future proof and ready for the many enhancements and new features coming soon.

New user interface

The new HUMANS has been revamped in terms of the way you use the platform. Hearing from many of our users that navigation and discovery are the most important features of the platform, we put navigation first on the new design.

The home screen is now the main filter section of the site, and from there you can pretty much get to any personal site listed on the platform within seconds.

There are a few major filter options for zeroing in on a personal website that you may find interesting. You can filter by occupation, country, color and service.

Service is actually a fluid definition that combines multiple ideas or platforms. In general, it is like asking how did you built your website or what is the main tool you used to make the website what it is today. For many users, the answers to such a question is just WordPress or Squarespace or Wix. For others, mostly for people who code their website, that answer can be, I used ReactJS or VueJS or whatnot. So, it may seem a bit confusing at first, but we find it valuable to have the option to filter this way.

New default sort option

Previously, when you opened HUMANS you saw the most popular personal websites ever as voted by our users. Users vote by liking a personal website, which makes it float and be presented more prominently.

Starting from HUMANS 2.0, whenever you open enter the platform, you see the latest featured personal websites presented by the order of their selection. We believe that this sort option will give greater exposure to more websites. You can still opt to sort the websites by popularity of course.

Moreover, you can limit the sites you see just to sites that have been selected as featured websites on our platform or to all the sites on the HUMANS ecosystem.

Featured sites are selected every day and are presented on the main HUMANS front page as well as on our social media profiles.

Bye Bye Beards

Well, amazingly, it was one of the most popular features of HUMANS v.1. Yes, you could filter to see only people with beards. Filtering for beards has been turned off for version 2, but the feature is still available somewhere. Found the easter egg? You will have fun exploring dozens of websites of bearded ladies and gentleman.

The personal page of bearded Olivier Guilleux.
Starting today, you will need to find a way to find all bearded website hero yourself.

New Personal Website Profile Page

We recreated and redesigned the website profile page to include more useful information than ever before. Not all profile pages look alike now and they are designed according to various fields and information about each and every website.

More information on every website

Some websites now include information like:

  • Contributors – It takes a village to raise a baby, but sometimes also to build a website. Now you can see who contributed and helped to create a personal website, as sometimes it wasn’t only the site hero. There are coders, designers, sound and graphic directors, photographers, content writers and others involved. If they did it, they should get their well deserved credits.
  • Design documents – Sometimes we find information detailing the work process involved in creating a personal website. We try to include a link in our site profile page
  • Information written by the website hero – claimed websites allow for even more customization. Claim your website to add more information about the technology and design process for creating your website.
New website hero contributed information (About Design & About Technology sections) on Vincent Orback‘s personal website page.

Related websites

Many users tell us that the major use-case for HUMANS is to find and discover more interesting websites to get inspiration. That’s why HUMANS 2.0 introduce the related websites feature. Each site now includes up to 4 algorithmically selected related websites. The major factors that make a website “related” are country of residence, occupation, color palette used and the technology leveraged to build the site.

New related personal sites featured, as seen on Jenn Schiffer‘s website page

More to come

There is much more to come in the next few weeks. Today’s upgrade is the base on which we are going to launch many new features on.

HUMANS is already the biggest platform on the internet for discovering beautiful personal websites. It is used by thousands of people every day, it keeps on growing and it’s going to be even better in the near future.

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